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Embarking on the Contributorship™ Journey – A Guide for Employees (Part Two)

Practicing Contributorship is a nuanced undertaking that extends beyond mastering your craft.

It involves recognizing the value you contribute to the organization and its stakeholders, setting you apart from those who merely fulfill the basic job requirements.

In environments where bonus structures are tied to company performance rather than individual contributions, the question arises:

Why invest in Contributorship?

The answer transcends monetary considerations, delving into the profound realm of intrinsic rewards. Research underscores that while money may attract employees to a specific company, it doesn’t inspire true dedication to the mission and vision. The key lies in addressing individuals’ emotional needs through intrinsic rewards. Six intrinsic rewards have proven to be powerful motivators:

Sense of Belonging:
Feeling connected to the workplace fosters a sense of belonging, promoting engagement and dedication.

Sense of Accomplishment:

Achieving goals and milestones instills a sense of accomplishment, driving motivation and satisfaction.

Sense of Competence/Mastery:
Continuous learning and mastery of skills contribute to a sense of competence, boosting confidence and job satisfaction.

Sense of Progress:
Recognizing personal and professional growth creates a sense of progress, fueling motivation and commitment.

Sense of Autonomy:
Having the freedom to make decisions and control one’s work contributes to a sense of autonomy, enhancing job satisfaction.

Sense of Purpose:
Understanding the broader purpose of one’s work cultivates a sense of purpose, fostering passion and dedication.

When employees experience these intrinsic rewards, they not only perform at high levels but also exhibit greater loyalty to their current organization. This heightened performance opens doors to growth opportunities and, eventually, extrinsic rewards such as financial incentives.

The exciting part is that employees can create these intrinsic rewards for themselves through the practice of Contributorship, even in the absence of explicit organizational support. Stay tuned for future posts where we’ll delve into practical strategies for individuals to cultivate these intrinsic rewards and elevate their professional journey.