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Employee’s Responsibility in Performance, Engagement, and Retention

When discussing employee engagement, performance, and retention, it’s essential to recognize the shared responsibility between organizational leadership and employees themselves.

While much emphasis is often placed on leadership’s role in fostering motivation and commitment, it’s equally crucial for employees to actively participate in cultivating a thriving work environment.

In any employee-employer dynamic, success hinges on the efforts of both parties. While leadership training commonly emphasizes the influence leaders have on employee motivation and engagement, we mustn’t overlook the intrinsic role employees play in driving their own performance levels. As someone who has spent two decades collaborating with organizations to enhance employee engagement and performance, I can attest to the fact that expecting leaders alone to motivate disengaged employees is akin to taking a gamble at the blackjack table.

employer-employee dynamics

One often overlooked aspect is acknowledging that employees are individuals with emotional needs. Drawing from Maslow’s insights, we understand that human motivation stems from intrinsic rewards—those that employees derive for themselves, albeit with some support from their organization. Hence, it’s crucial to acknowledge that employees have agency in their own motivation, engagement, and retention.

The Contributorship™ model places a spotlight on the employee’s role in these dynamics. By utilizing Action Learning techniques, employees can evolve into true Contributors, investing in both the organization’s success through value creation and their personal growth through intrinsic rewards. Leveraging the Contributorship™ model alongside intrinsic rewards programs, The Steele Method instills a culture of Contribution within the workforce, transforming it into a powerful competitive advantage for the organization.

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