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Why I Embrace Practicing Contributorship™

If you’re new to my journey, Contributorship means taking ownership of creating value for yourself, your organization, and its customers.

So, what does this entail?

Firstly, it’s recognizing your responsibility to create personal value. You’re accountable for your growth, encompassing pay increases, promotions, skill development, and self-esteem. While you might receive support, an organization that embraces Contributorship will empower you in this pursuit.

Secondly, you’re employed to contribute value to your organization and its stakeholders. Your role is pivotal in the value chain, ensuring products or services are delivered with maximum benefit to customers.

Why do I practice Contributorship? Simply put, it empowers me to steer my career and life. By investing in myself, I enhance my experience, economic standing, intelligence, and reputation, opening doors internally and externally.

Within the organization, you become a go-to person for management, known for problem-solving and focus on organizational goals, not aimless busyness. Your ability to lead teams and set boundaries reduces absenteeism and enhances your reputation.

Should circumstances change, your established reputation facilitates swift transitions to new roles. In essence, Contributorship fosters self-sufficiency, marketability, and resilience.

If you’re curious about practicing Contributorship™, connect with me on LinkedIn. Let’s explore how this approach can benefit you!