Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

In past posts I discussed the various follower types. I ended by positing there is a possible mismatch between leadership styles and contributor follower type, but what evidence do we have for making that assertion?  For starters, pre-pandemic attrition rates were on the increase. Employees, especially contributors, were leaving jobs for different (and supposedly better)Continue reading “Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?”

Contributor Type of Followers

Let’s start this by tackling the elephant in the room. The term “follower” has had a negative connotation for many years. How many times have you heard the expressions “be a LEADER, not a FOLLOWER” or “if you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes”. Somewhere in the past we collectively decided followers wereContinue reading “Contributor Type of Followers”

Have We Neglected the Other Side of Leadership?

Lately, it seems like I’m hearing more about leadership techniques to keep employees, from now on we will be calling them followers, engaged and productive during the pandemic.  As we know, classic leadership training espouses useful techniques for leading.  So it comes as no real surprise that much of what I have been reading isContinue reading “Have We Neglected the Other Side of Leadership?”

Follower Types

One of the key neglected aspects of leadership is consideration for the different types of followers. Much of leadership literature and commercially available leadership training is focused on improving the skills of the leader as the cure all for productivity, engagement, and retention. While leadership training is often oriented toward skill development for leaders inContinue reading “Follower Types”