There is no leadership without contributorship.


Hello, and welcome to Contributorship.net, a blog for those that contribute in your role instead of following. I hope you will find this blog site a useful journey toward a more rewarding and successful career and understanding what a contributor is, why you are important as one, and some ways to be the best contributor you can be.  Along the way I will be delving into a number of topic discussions that I have seen be of great benefit to myself as well as many that I have mentored and coached. I hope to pique your interest and engage in dialog related to the seemingly neglected side of the leadership coin. Please subscribe and let me know how you see the topics discussed here.

Latest posts

Are We Barking Up The Wrong Tree?

In past posts I discussed the various follower types. I ended by positing there is a possible mismatch between leadership styles and contributor follower type, but what evidence do we have for making that assertion?  For starters, pre-pandemic attrition rates were on the increase. Employees, especially contributors, were leaving jobs for different (and supposedly better)…

Contributor Type of Followers

Let’s start this by tackling the elephant in the room. The term “follower” has had a negative connotation for many years. How many times have you heard the expressions “be a LEADER, not a FOLLOWER” or “if you aren’t the lead dog, the view never changes”. Somewhere in the past we collectively decided followers were…

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About Scot Steele

Scot R. Steele is an organizational development consultant working in the technology and telecom industries. Over the past 30 years, Scot has led many teams to higher levels of efficacy through building properly structured organizations, improving employee skills, and increasing employee engagement. His focus is on the value of contributorship versus followership:

“Let’s pause for a moment and consider the mismatch of the term follower in today’s knowledge worker environment.”

Client Experience

“Scot designed, developed, implemented, and executed the org’s inaugural Leadership Development Program for front-line, tactical leaders and individual contributors alike. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to complete this program which exposed the participants to industry best-practices, leadership lessons, org leader perspective, and solving org problems with solutions presented to org leaders. I directly contribute an increase in my own capability as a leader to this program.”  N.K.

“Scot has been the thought leader behind numerous leadership development programs within the Network Cloud organization and has motivated both individuals and supervisors to further develop their careers and personas. Scot is an effective communicator and can bring people together to achieve a common goal. Scot has always taken the time to advise and offer help when needed.” J.T.

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